Solution Validation Centers™

Get the ability to deploy and test your distributed IT on Platform Equinix®

Equinix Solution Validation Centers™ offer the ability to deploy and test your distributed IT on Platform Equinix®, live, before committing to full-scale production. Available in 19 global markets and staffed by Equinix Global Solution Architects, Equinix Solution Validation Centers are comprehensive test facilities that replicate the Platform Equinix technology environment.


Test technology stacks

Test stacks that support private, public and hybrid cloud deployments

Trial distributed architectures

Run simultaneous deployments in multiple Solution Validation Centers around the world

Stress-test applications

Measure how applications perform when moved off legacy systems and onto new platforms

Optimise performance

Enhance infrastructure components, network connections and applications

Overcome technical barriers

Get full-scale deployments to meet business requirements and lower risks

Improve migration

Enable quick, easy migration from proof-of-concept to full-scale production


  • Projects are completely managed by a Global Solution Architect
  • Test facilities feature carrier-grade networking and our virtualisation infrastructure, Equinix Cloud Exchange™
  • Preinstalled technology bundles are available to run customer applications and hardware.

Worldwide Availability

We offer the broadest global reach and most sophisticated test sites in the industry. Solution Validation Centers are currently located in 18 strategic markets around the globe, with plans for further worldwide expansion.

Expert Strategic Planning

OurGlobal Solution Architects are veteran technology consultants that lead all Solution Validation Center projects. Your Solution Architect will help you make the right strategic technology decisions for your business. The architect will help define migration strategies from testing to production, and create a comprehensive plan that best suits your business needs.