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Cloud Migration


EPS Cloud employs a phased migration approach to ensure that business and compliance requirements are delivered, risks are mitigated and financial targets are met – all with little or no impact to ongoing operations.

A combination of Lift and Shift and Greenfield migration methodologies create the ultimate solution for your existing environment and objectives. Lift and Shift requires limited configuration and is the fastest way to migrate to the cloud, while Greenfield offers complete customisation, use of latest technologies, application updates and optimised performance.

Included in your migration:

  • Customised migration roadmap, including timeline, required resources and actionable items
  • Seamless and secure connectivity with on-premises data and applications
  • Proprietary tools and partner technologies to move your workloads to target cloud platform
  • Complete cost transparency and defined deliverables to minimise risk and maximise return
  • Systematic testing, project documentation, training and knowledge transfer for your new environment

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability (HA) are often a source of major pain for infrastructure teams. Running a second site for DR, buying additional storage, managing backups and performing DR/HA tests can be prohibitively costly in terms of CAPEX, OPEX, time, tools and other resources. Unfortunately, due to these resource issues, many organisations do not implement the robust DR/HA plan their business may demand.

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Cloud Escrow

Data migration and system integration are usually an afterthought in M&A or divestiture negotiations. Yet these factors can represent one of the biggest headaches in the asset transfer process. After the sale, line-of-business owners have the near-impossible task of making two or more highly complex, interdependent systems talk to each other – and the negative effects are often felt throughout the organisation.

By utilising leading cloud platforms, EPS Cloud works with both parties of an M&A or divestiture to create an escrow type of environment, a neutral zone, which can seamlessly and securely be transferred from seller to buyer at the completion of the business transaction.

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High-impact, two-day cloud workshop

Develop a roadmap and architect a customised strategy for your journey to the cloud in our high-impact, two-day workshop.