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Cages and Cabinets

All cabinet locations feature direct access to the data distribution system to allow quickly deployable interconnections. Highly experienced technical experts can recommend cages and suites to meet specific requirements for physical security and power usage.


Private Cage

  • Most IBX® data centres are build-to-order and space is assigned based on power allocations and/or quantity of cabinets.
  • Cage includes mesh walls, demarcation rack with patch panels, locking door, ladder rack and fibre raceway up to first cabinet position or up to 10 feet; security accessories include dedicated cameras and biometric hand scanners.

Shared Area

  • Open and closed (by cage mesh) shared areas
  • Standard cabinet


  • Cabinets are preconfigured with rails, grounding studs, panel cut-outs at top for fans (sold separately) and shelves.
  • Closed configurations have kinetic locks with numbered keypads.


Private Cage / Private Suites

  • Custom-designed with either cage mesh (private cage) or solid partitions (private suites).
  • Space assigned based on design and configuration of expected power draw to ensure maximum cooling efficiencies, quantity of cabinets and other specific needs.

Standard Cage

  • Feature footprint of approximately 100 square feet.
  • Cage includes woven wire mesh screen with lockable sliding door(s) and customisable space dimensions.


  • Offers high-power cabinets based on special design request approvals.
  • Cabinets feature steel frame with lockable, fully ventilated doors, reversible left/right windowed doors, top cover fitted with fans, optional shelving, zone-4 compliant bracing/straps in earthquake zones.
  • Half and quarter cabinets are available in selected IBXs in the region.



  • Fully enclosed, solid partitions, customised area.
  • Includes walls, doors, cable trays for power and cables, security and PDUs.
  • Cross connects run to patch panels in designated cabinet.

Shared Area

  • Designed for those who need smaller cabinet presence and fewer power needs within the data centre.


  • Standard is 22 closed or open 4-post racks.
  • Customers can provide racks with standard or high power configurations (typical for customers in suites).
  • Optional: Equinix can also provide custom racks preconfigured with rails.