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Bare Metal Server

With this managed infrastructure-as-a-service solution, companies can easily and quickly set up physical servers to run dedicated workloads within an Equinix environment and enjoy our connectivity services. Pay only a monthly fee with no initial investment.

Equinix Managed Services Bare Metal Server Configuration


Secure dedicated physical server

  • Depending on the application, select from three types of server specs (CPU/RAM/HDD)

High performance

  • No virtualisation overhead
  • PCI Express solid state drive with 700,000 IOPS on high-end model

Connectivity options

  • Connect to your cabinet on-site within our International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centre
  • Connect via Equinix Cloud Exchange™ which provides hybrid connection to multiple cloud services, including AWS and NIFTY Cloud

Bare Metal Server Use Case

A major Japanese e-commerce website with over 3.5 million monthly page view uses Bare Metal Server to reduce costs and optimise I/O processing performance. Download the Use Case to find out more about its infrastructure configuration.

View use case

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Bare Metal Server

Equinix Bare Metal Server service provides customers with physical servers in an Equinix data centre to securely run high-performance or sensitive workload. This service is only available for ordering in Japan.


Bare Metal Server

Find out how a major e-commerce website uses Equinix Bare Metal Server service to reduce costs and optimise I/O processing performance. This service is only available for ordering in Japan.

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