Verizon Customer FAQ

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What is Equinix announcing?  

Why did Equinix agree to acquire these specific assets?

Which data centres are included in the transaction?  

What are the fifteen (15) metros that the assets reside in?  

Have any changes been made to the number of data centres you are acquiring since the announcement in December?  

What is the purchase price of the Verizon assets?  

How does this acquisition strengthen your market position and enhance your opportunities for growth?  

How many of your assets in the Americas are owned versus leased? Globally?  

How are you going to be able to integrate Telecity, Bit-isle and now these Verizon assets at the same time?  

How many customers does Equinix gain in this transaction?  

Do Equinix and Verizon have any common customers? How do you expect overlapping customers to react?  

What does the acquisition do for your cloud footprint?  

What new markets are you expanding into?  

What does this acquisition mean to Latin America?  

What is the Equinix investment strategy in Latin America?  

Since acquiring data centre assets such as Terremark and Savvis several years ago, carriers have been challenged when it came to optimising their value. How can Equinix do better?  

Doesn’t Verizon use these facilities to support its own operations? Since a carrier owned these assets, how will Equinix attract additional new networks to the acquired assets?  

What are the impacts of this acquisition on the channel?  

What Verizon services have been transferred to Equinix?  

If I am a Verizon customer with a pre-existing contract, will it be honoured under its current terms or will I need a new contract with Equinix?  

How will Verizon and Equinix ensure customers are not adversely affected by customer service issues during the transition?  

If I am a Verizon Managed Services or Cloud customer, will this service be provided by Verizon or Equinix moving forward?  

I participated in Verizon’s reseller program. Does Equinix have a similar reseller program in which I can participate?  

Who do I contact with miscellaneous questions?