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Equinix provides secure, direct access to a robust, interconnected ecosystem of network, cloud and IT service providers, as well as a variety of solutions to help you increase revenue and enhance performance. Whether you're in financial or cloud services, healthcare, media and entertainment, advertising or a variety of other industries, Equinix can help you provide high-quality services to your customers.



The Equinix Ad-IX™ ecosystem allows you to securely connect directly to leading digital ad partners, bypassing the heavy traffic and risks posed by the public Internet. Direct connections allow you to exchange data and conduct transactions much faster by reducing latency to single-digit milliseconds.

Cloud Service Providers


With its network density and ability to connect to partners and potential customers, Equinix helps you scale your cloud offering, meet customers’ demand for high performance and ultimately increase revenue.

Content Delivery Systems


Equinix enables content delivery systems companies to access reliable and high-performance interconnection solutions that provide access to a dense population of networks, Internet and cloud service providers, partners and customers.



Increase conversion and retention rates, improve your e-commerce application and transaction performance, lower latency and increase bandwidth by deploying with Equinix Performance Hub™ solutions inside Equinix data centres.

Financial Services


Our global data centres provide a neutral, secure meeting place for the world's financial community. Hundreds of capital markets participants, insurers and electronic payments firms colocate critical IT systems inside Equinix and interconnect to facilitate the operation of countless financial IT workloads.



Equinix’s 180+ worldwide IBX® data centres enable gaming companies to gain direct access to key partners in order to rapidly integrate hosted gaming services, complementary technologies, monetisation programs and customer opportunities.

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Federal Government


Government agencies leverage our best-in-class data centres to quickly and cost-effectively consolidate data centres while maintaining the reliability of their mission-critical networks. Our network-neutral IBX data centres contain rich ecosystems of network, cloud and IT services providers to reduce local access costs, simplify operations and provide flexibility.



Equinix’s footprint of 180+ well-connected and dispersed data centres provides scalable options that enable healthcare institutions to stay ahead of information storage and exchange requirements, as well as regulatory advances.

Media & Entertainment


Equinix helps media and entertainment companies deliver consistent, high-performance content, reduce costs and improve end-to-end efficiency.



Whether for video, cloud applications, gaming or any other popular application, Platform Equinix™ brings together all members of the corresponding mobile value chain to create a total delivery solution that reduces costs and increases performance.



Equinix’s unique ecosystems give network services companies direct access to leading customers and partners in financial services, cloud services, content and the enterprise.